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6 Benefits of A Fat Tire Ebike

6 Benefits of A Fat Tire Ebike

There's an electric bike for everyone, but you may have come across a fat tire electric bike and wonder what the point is. Well, fat tire electric bikes offer another level of versatility that may just suit you. 

In this article, we'll go through the benefits of fat tire electric bikes and highlight the different types available. You may want to check out Perrero's range of fat tire ebikes 

What Is A Fat Tire Electric Bike? 

You can easily spot a fat tire ebike, as it will be fitted with wide, high-volume tires. These tires aren't just to give the bike an aggressive look; they offer the rider specific benefits from unique characteristics. 

Benefits of A Fat Tire EBike 

  1. You Can Ride Over Soft Ground 

Fat tire ebikes were initially designed to go where regular ebikes can't. For example, you would find it challenging or impossible to ride a regular ebike over a sandy beach, through deep snow or soft mud. But a fat tire ebike has no problem getting you over these surfaces. 

The ability to ride over soft ground comes from the width of the tires. They are usually 4 or5 inches wide, about double the width of regular bike tires. This width creates a larger contact patch with the ground, which stays above the sand, snow, or mud rather than cut through it. 

  1. Increased Traction 

The large contact patch from the fat tires also gives you lots of traction. Fat tire ebike riders often ride with lower tire pressures to increase the contact patch further.

This extra traction means you can ride over rocks, roots, and other obstacles much more easily. It also reduces the wheelspin you get when you combine the motor's high level of torque with loose gravel on hills. 

You don't have to be riding off-road to enjoy the benefits of increased traction. These fat tires reduce the likelihood of your front wheel washing out in the wet, making fat tire ebikes great for people who don't feel very confident on their bikes.

  1. Enhanced Comfort 

Fat tire ebikes are comfortable to ride, thanks to the tire's large volume and lower pressure. This makes riding off-road more pleasant and less tiring, as the extra squish acts like suspension. 

You'll also benefit from the tire's high volume when riding on the roads. Fewer vibrations transfer into your hands and body, giving you a plusher ride. 

  1. All Year-Round Riding 

Many people can't or don't want to pack their electric bikes away for the winter. But regular ebikes aren't best suited to riding in snow and ice, depending on the local terrain and how extreme the winter weather gets. 

But fat tire ebikes are versatile enough for winter riding. The wide tires mean that you can ride in the snow with no problems at all. In fact, they make riding in the snow a blast, especially when you master drifting the rear wheel around corners! 

All year round riding on a fat tire ebike is also beneficial if you like to cycle for fitness. You can continue your workouts throughout the colder months to maintain your fitness regime. 

  1. Fat Tire Ebikes Are Easy to Ride 

Even though a fat tire ebike looks slightly different from regular ebikes, you don't need to learn new skills to ride one. If you're familiar with riding a bike, you'll have no trouble enjoying a fat tire ebike. 

But, if you're new to ebikes, take your first ride in a field or wide-open space. This means you'll have fewer things to crash into while you get to grips with the extra power. Starting with the fat tire ebike switched off or in the lowest power assistance level is best. Doing so will mean you can understand how much acceleration the motor gives you when you experiment with the assistance levels. 

  1. Fat Tire Ebikes Are Fun To Ride 

Another great thing about fat tire ebikes is that they're easy to control and pedal. This means that you can start to enjoy riding one in no time. The enjoyment increases when you begin to experiment with their off-road capabilities. When you learn how to use the power assistance levels with the gears, you'll be surprised at where these things can take you. 

For example, select the highest assistance level and a low gear as you approach a sandy or snowy hill. Then pedal hard to experience how easy the bike climbs. Doing this is addictive, which means you'll ride places you've never been able to get to.

 Fat Tire vs. Thin Tire Ebikes

 Thin tires on ebikes are designed for speed and have a few advantages over fat tires. Narrow tires have a lower rolling resistance, allowing you to ride faster and more efficiently. 

Thin tires make the bike lighter, which is useful when you need to carry your bike, but it also extends the range and gives the bike more agile handling. 

However, fat tires provide more grip than thin tires. Therefore, they're better suited to people who like to go off-road or ride in the mountains and forests.

 The tire's larger contact patch with the ground means you can ride over surfaces that thin tires can't cope with, making them the better choice for exploring nature and shredding the trails. 

The increased traction means you can ride more confidently on any surface without fear of unexpectedly losing grip when cornering. This means you can really throw a fat tire ebike into a corner and ride around at a steep angle, knowing that your tires won't wash out. 

Fat tires allow you to use the full potential of your ebike's motor. You won't be scrabbling for grip as you power along, covering more ground than you would on an ebike with regular tires. As you ride faster, you'll feel the increased stability from the tires, giving you more confidence. 

Another way fat tires give you confidence is with shorter stopping distances. The traction doesn't just help you corner and climb; it also gives you greater stopping power and control. This means you can stay safe and tackle steeper and more technical descents. 

Fat tires make the bike a little heavier, though, which may be a problem when moving it around, but it also makes the bike less efficient, reducing the range.

 The Different Types of Fat Tire Electric Bikes 

With all this in mind, you may be tempted to buy a fat tire electric bike. However, there are a few sub-categories that you should know about before you buy.

 Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bikes

 Fat tire electric mountain bikes are the ones that can take you anywhere. They look like regular electric mountain bikes with similar geometry figures and riding positions. But, of course, they have high-volume tires.

 The best fat tire mountain bikes have hydraulic disc brakes that give you optimum control and excellent stopping power.

 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bikes

 Folding fat tire electric bikes are versatile. These ebikes allow you to ride over rough surfaces, but the frames fold, making them incredibly compact and convenient. Folding fat tire ebikes are often used for commuting and for weekend fun.

 The most compact folding fat tire ebikes are small enough to carry onto public transport or to be carried in your car. You can also store them easily. They are less compact than regular folding electric bikes due to the tire width. However, they are still an excellent option for many commuters, day trippers, and hobbyists.

 Perrero offers a fantastic folding fat tire ebike. Check out our online store for details.

 Step Through Fat Tire Ebikes Bikes 

You can buy a fat tire ebike with a step-through frame. The low and swooping frame designs make it easy to mount and dismount the bike. These ebikes are often chosen by people with mobility issues or those who wear long and flowing clothing. 

Final Thoughts 

Fat tire ebikes offer a level of versatility that regular ebikes don't. The main things you need to take away are that they can ride over any terrain, are comfortable, and you can ride them all year round.

With these ebikes, riders will be able to cover more terrain while also getting more overall balance with the same amount of fun, excitement, and exercise.

 These ebikes are generally a bit heavier than regular ebikes. So, they may not be the best choice if you need to carry your bike upstairs. Also, the fat tires may not fit in bike racks, but most people can live with these minor downsides, and they don't overshadow the benefits.

 If you like the idea of a fat tire ebike, why not check out the ones on our website?

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