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Enjoy Tax-Free Shopping in Most States! Learn more

Enjoy Tax-Free Shopping in Most States! Learn more

How to Customize Your eBike or Electric Trike's Display Settings

Personalizing your eBike or electric trike's display settings enhances your riding experience by allowing adjustments that suit your specific preferences. Follow these steps to tailor your device settings effectively:

Accessing the Settings Menu

  • Starting Up: Power on the display by pressing the Power button.
  • Menu Entry: Within the first 10 seconds of activation, press and hold the “M” button for 2 seconds to enter the settings menu.

    Navigating Settings LCD Display

    Navigating Through Settings

    • Scrolling: Use the “+” and “-” buttons to navigate through the various settings.
    • Making Selections: Press the “M” button to select and confirm your choice.

      Configuring Particular Settings:

      • Set Password: Enhance the security of your eBike or electric trike by setting up a startup password. This feature requires a password upon startup, providing an extra layer of security against unauthorized usage.

      Password Setup LCD Display Electric Trike ebike

      • Switching Unit: You can toggle the distance display between kilometers (km) and miles (mi). This setting allows you to view all distance-related readouts in the unit of measure you are most comfortable with or is most commonly used in your region.

      Switching Unit Measurement LCD Display

      • Speed Limit: Control your ride's pace by setting a speed limit on your eBike or electric trike. Whether you need to increase or decrease your speed, this setting helps ensure your ride matches your desired speed level. 
      Navigating Settings LCD Display
      • Adjusting Brightness Levels: The display's backlight brightness can be adjusted to suit your visibility needs. It has five levels of brightness, ranging from 1 (dim) to 5 (brightest), enhancing screen readability according to different lighting conditions, whether you're riding in bright daylight or during nighttime.

      Backlight Brightness LCD Display

      • Background Color: Select either a black or white background for optimal display visibility.

      Backgound color change LCD Display

      • Setting the Time: For convenience and time tracking during your rides, you can set the current time on your display's clock. This feature helps you keep track of your riding duration and manage your time while on the go.

      Clock LCD Display Ebike

      • Battery Info: Opt for your preferred battery level display format. You can choose to see it as a percentage for a general idea of charge remaining, or in volts for more precise battery status.

      Battery info LCD Display Ebike

      • System Info: This option allows you to review detailed system information of your eBike or electric trike, which can include technical details like software version and system health.

      System Info Electric Trike ebike

      Remember to save any changes you make before exiting the settings menu to ensure your preferences are applied.

      Should you need images for each setting, they will visually guide you in identifying these settings on the display and understanding how they are represented.

      If you require additional help with configuring your display settings or have other questions regarding your eBike or electric trike, you are welcome to contact support@perraroelectricbike.com or call (949) 414-8003.

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