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Pedal Assist (PAS) Level Selection on Your Electric Bike/Trike

The Pedal Assist System (PAS) enhances your cycling experience by providing varying levels of motor assistance as you pedal. Adjusting the PAS levels is simple and intuitive, using the “+” or “-” buttons on your handlebar controls.

Understanding the PAS Interface and Levels:

Refer to the color-coded PAS level indicators on the LCD display of your electric bike or trike:

  • Level 0 (Gray): No assistance. The bike/trike is purely manual, akin to a traditional cycle.

  • Level 1 (Green): Minimal assistance, adding a slight boost to your pedaling, ideal for a leisurely ride or when you want more exercise.

  • Level 2 (Yellow): Moderate assistance, providing a good balance between your pedaling efforts and the motor's support.

  • Level 3 (Orange): Noticeable assistance, reducing strain during pedaling, especially on slight inclines or longer journeys.

  • Level 4 (Pink): High assistance, for when you need more help from the motor to maintain speed with less effort.

  • Level 5 (Red): Maximum assistance, to easily tackle steep hills or strong headwinds with minimal pedaling.

How PAS Works:

  • Startup Default: When you turn on your bike/trike, it starts at level “1”, providing a gentle assist.
  • Zero-Assist Mode: At level “0”, both the pedal assist and throttle (if available) are disabled, offering you the traditional biking experience.
  • Efficient Riding: Lower levels of PAS make your battery last longer, while higher levels give more power but consume more battery.
  • Automatic Shutdown: To conserve battery, the display will power off if no activity is detected for a certain period.

Adjusting PAS Levels:

To select your desired level of assistance, tap the “+” button to increase or the “-” button to decrease the PAS level. The display will change color according to the selected level, providing a clear visual cue of your current setting. This feature allows you to tailor your riding experience to your current terrain, energy level, or workout goals.

For visual guidance, the attached figure illustrates the PAS level indicators:

power-assisted level selection

With this PAS feature, you can enjoy a customizable ride that adapts to your preferences, ensuring every journey is as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

For additional help or inquiries, contact support@perraroelectricbike.com or call (949) 414-8003.

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