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What is an All-Wheel-Drive (Dual Motor) Electric Bike?

What is an All-Wheel-Drive (Dual Motor) Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are fantastic machines that can benefit many people in many different ways. Typically, the motor assists your pedaling by putting power and torque through the rear wheel. But what if your next ebike had two motors? 

AWD (all-wheel drive) electric bikes take riding with assistance to the next level. So, in this article, we'll go into the details of dual motor electric bikes and talk about the new Perraro Tiger. 

What Is an AWD Electric Bike? 

An AWD electric bike has two motors, one on each wheel. The two motors don't mean you can ride twice as fast due to legal and technical reasons. However, a dual motor electric bike benefits you in several other ways. 

Single Motor Vs. Dual Motor Electric Bikes 

Electric bikes allow you to ride with the motor assisting your pedaling or using a throttle without pedaling. Either way, you can use the motor to help you ride up steep hills. But with an AWD electric bike, you get more help. 

The two motors on an AWD electric bike make the bike heavier than a single motor ebike. But this shouldn't make too much difference while you're riding. However, you may need to consider your choices if you need to carry your bike or load it onto a bike rack regularly. 

Like riding a single motor ebike, when riding one with dual motors, you have to be mindful of your battery usage. Your maximum range will be determined by how you ride. A duel motor ebike gives you the functionality to improve efficiency or call on all the power available to you as you see fit. The motors run cooler when they work together, improving efficiency further and it can allow you to ride further.

Advantages of Riding an AWD Electric Bike 

Extra Power and Traction 

The two motors work together to deliver more power to both your wheels at the same time. This means you can scramble up steep inclines littered with gravel and tree roots. Also, if your AWD electric bike is fitted with fat tires, you can ride through soft mud, sand, and snow, making your electric bike more versatile. 

Extra Momentum 

Dual motors on an ebike allow you to accelerate faster. But the extra weight means you can let go and let it coast on its own. This is a great way to save your energy and increase battery life, as it is a smoother way of riding. 

You Experience Less Fatigue 

You don't always want a workout when you're riding your bike. Sometimes you just want to get to your destination and home again without working up a sweat. The dual motors of an AWD electric bike make it super easy to commute, so you have plenty of energy to get back home. 

Less Damage to Trails 

As the power is equally split between both wheels, you can be kinder to off-road trails. This is an important consideration when riding in national parks and other areas of natural beauty. 

AWD Electric Bikes Are More Durable 

As the motors work together, they are under less stress, reducing the temperature they work at. This cooler operating temperature extends the motor's lifespan. But if one motor fails while you're on a ride, you still have the other one to help you get home. 

Improved Handling 

An AWD electric bike isn't just good off-road; you'll also notice improved handling on paved surfaces. This is because all the power is delivered to the ground providing additional traction and more confidence while cornering. 

All Year Round Cycling 

Many people pack their bikes away for the winter, but those with dual motor ebikes can keep riding. This is because the extra traction from the AWD system makes it possible for you to ride over any surface without worrying that your wheels will wash out or get stuck. 

Better Load Carrying Capability 

Single motor ebikes can struggle when you need to carry heavy loads on your cargo rack, especially when riding uphill. But AWD electric bikes have two motors, doubling the torque and making moving heavy loads a breeze. 

Makes You A More Confident Rider 

The increased traction from the large volume tires and the AWD system makes an AWD ebike more sure-footed. This means you will feel confident when riding on slippery surfaces. 

Faster Acceleration 

Using both motors simultaneously makes the bike accelerate faster than a regular ebike. You'll notice the benefits when you need to power up short, steep climbs. But, this faster acceleration is also great when commuting, as you can easily keep up with traffic, increasing your safety in urban environments. 

Perraro Tiger AWD Electric Bike 

At Perraro, we're incredibly proud of our Tiger AWD electric bike. We've worked hard to develop and refine the perfect dual motor ebike, so here's what you can expect. 

Incredible Power and Efficiency 

The Perraro Tiger AWD electric bike has a punchy 750W Bafang electric motor on each wheel. They're powered by an externally mounted 48V 17.5Ah Samsung lithium battery that can take you up to 65 miles on a single charge, depending on how you ride and the profile of your journey. 

The Perraro Tiger allows you to choose between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and AWD. This gives you the functionality to improve efficiency or call on all the power available to you as you see fit. The motors run cooler when they work together, improving efficiency further. 

The motors are enhanced by the Shimano Altus 7-speed drivetrain. This works seamlessly with the motors' power delivery and provides accurate and reliable gear shifting. 

Superb Off and On-road Performance 

There's no point having all this power if you can't get it on the ground. Therefore, we've equipped the Tiger with 4" wide fat tires that have lots of grip thanks to their increased contact patch. This means you can scramble over rough ground or stay safe on the road. 

The grip and high volume of these tires are complemented by the hydraulic suspension fork with 80mm of travel and 50mm of the rear shock absorber. This means the ride quality is exceptional. 

Superb Control and Enhanced Safety 

We've fitted the Tiger with Logan E520 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes. These have massive 180mm rotors that provide excellent stopping power, keeping you safe when riding the rough stuff.

You can easily modulate the brakes thanks to the great feeling you get through the brake handles, enhancing your control and safety. 

The Tiger is also fitted with a large round high-lumen LED headlight, tail light, and brake light. These keep you safe and allow you to see the road ahead in low-light conditions.

Rugged and Comfortable

We've chosen to build the Tiger's frame from lightweight aluminum alloy. This is also stiff and incredibly strong, complementing its construction and frame design.

This material and construction also dampen vibrations from the terrain, smoothing out the ride while making the Tiger responsive, further enhancing the bike's handling. 

Easy to Live With 

An electric bike needs to be versatile and easy to live with. Therefore, we've fitted the Perraaro Tiger with a rear cargo rack, so you can carry everything you need for the day. Also, the wheel's fenders ensure you don't get splattered in mud and water while you ride. 

In addition, the step-through frame design and kickstand make mounting and dismounting the bike effortless. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, riding an AWD electric bike has many advantages over a regular single-motor version. The main things to take away from this are that dual motor ebikes make climbing more manageable, you get lots more traction, and you can ride anywhere all year round. 

If you like the idea of riding an AWD electric bike, check out the below link for Perraro Tiger series. 

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