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EBike - Electric Bike Maintenance

EBike - Electric Bike Maintenance

Biking is always fun, and if you have an electric bike, being outdoors is made much easier. But, there is a chance that you will ruin your day immediately if you have a vulnerable e-bike. Don't be worried! If you are riding a breakable ebike, it does happen!

This is the case, electric bike maintenance is required because there may be many functional components that need to be maintained. It can be a bit overwhelming to know what has to be done and when, but don't worry; the basics of electric bike maintenance aren't at all challenging.

Like any regular bike, an electric bike demands the same maintenance it should have. The extra components can make it seem intimidating, but if you take care of things, it's unlikely you can learn to solve some major issues.

An e-electric bike's components are nearly off-limits to amateur mechanics. If you disassemble things yourself, you run the actual risk of taking significant damage as well as voiding your warranty.

Maintain and Clean Up Regularly

Cleaning your ebike regularly often comes as the handy tip you've found. The chain, brakes, and tires are the main wear parts, but cyclists, even expert ones, aren't really aware of what to look for when it comes to component wear. You may avoid riding in damp weather, where debris and other pollutants can get into the drivetrain, which will ultimately save wear and tear.

Whenever your bike is wet or muddy, try to give effort on cleaning or even hose off your bike before storing it. Rinse off any caked-on grime without ever hammering fragile components with high-pressure water. Make sure the chain is dry and clean, and gently wipe the frame. Make sure you are keeping an eye out for any irregularities or warning signs when cleaning.

Go Deep Cleans and Inspections

It's tiny if you consider spending some time every few weeks giving your bike a deep cleaning. Search for dirt that has become lodged in the derailleur and all the crevices around the wheels. Firstly clean the chain and re-lubricate it. Ultimately, the frame will have actual sparkly.

Check the tires as you go through this additional thorough cleaning methodology. Even if the tires are holding air, look for cuts. Whether your tires have thick lugs, make sure they aren't worn down. If you have road tires, check to see if the otherwise spherical carcass of the tire doesn't have a flat patch in the center. Don't be hesitant to replace your tires if these are vulnerable. Tires in tiptop condition are far less likely to get a puncture.

You can extend the cleaning intervals if bad weather causes you to ride your bike less often than usual. Don't push the cleaning intervals too far; a clean bike will still function better than one that has been overlooked. After all, it's a routine that allows one to really get acquainted with how everything fits together and functions.

Take Care of Your Electric Component

Typically, the battery and motor are durable parts and often are called maintenance-free components. The electronics should continue to function thanks to the protected and waterproof housings, unlike the usual bike parts, which are consumables that break down. If you face any unfortunate issue with those, just speak with the manufacturer to determine the best course of action.

However, flat repair works the same way on a bike with a mid-drive motor as it does on a regular bike. Hub-drive motors are more complicated, though, and you must understand how to make and disconnect all the required electrical connections.

It should come as no surprise that e-bike riders are quite curious about how far they can travel before their battery runs out of power, so it's critical to charge your bike and ride keenly. Even regular riders will obtain many years of use out of their batteries before having to replace them because batteries can be recharged thousands of times. Hence, charge the battery whenever a plug is available. For this reason, commuters may keep a separate charger at work.


Note that, lowest or eco mode is often helpful for extending battery life. While turbo or top setting quickly drains it. Additionally, cycling with a higher cadence is more effective. Think again about inserting and removing a battery because they are costly and heavy. Always adhere to the charging and battery care guidelines provided by the e-bike manufacturer. Keep in mind that a damaged battery might potentially produce harmful heat.

Be Attentive When You Ride

When riding your bike, you should pay close attention to how it is functioning, especially if you are on the seat of an electric bike because the greater force is put on the components. You should also keep an ear out for any odd sound effects. Extra bike noise is one of the first, most evident indications that something is wrong.

It's common for there to still be some chain noise and, with electric bikes, possible motor noise. Everything should be operating without a hitch. Keep an eye out for clunky shifts or gears that slip. You should take a closer look if your bike ever becomes louder or makes any sort of grinding noise.

Making sure that your thru-axles are tightly affixed is one thing to check for. As your rotors scrape against your brake pads, you may notice a tiny wobble in your wheel along with some noise. Have the wheel matched if the wobbling continues; it has probably become buckled from a pothole.

Attempt Periodic Maintenance

Whether you maintain the cleanliness and lubrication of your bike, routine maintenance is still important. Brake pads, chains, cables, tires, and chains are all common wear.

All of the major methods should be adjusted and inspected as part of a basic tune-up. Cables for the gears should be adjusted and possibly replaced. The system should be bled if the mechanic determines it is essential, and brake pads and rotors should be properly inspected. You should also look once at the chain for wear and consider replacing it if necessary. Confirm the cassette's functionality as well. Check the bottom bracket for any movement or noise and make any necessary repairs.

Don’t Put Things Off

Well, parts often come as pricy, and it's not fun to be without a bike. Regularly washing your bike and using that time to familiarize yourself with how it works can help you determine any potential issues when something does ultimately go wrong. The brake pads will wear down much more quickly if there is grit on them or on the chain. Brake pads that are worn out can cause the rotors to deteriorate more quickly and cost more money.

This is even more true on an electric bike where the forces involved are higher. Brake pads are inexpensive but rotors aren't. A chain is an inexpensive part but a worn chain will wear down the entire drivetrain (chainrings and cassette), which is another costly exercise. Pro tip: don't wait for a small problem to become a big one.

If left neglected, small issues that are easy to fix might grow very expensive. Rotors are often costlier than brake pads. Although a chain is a cheap part, it will eventually wear out the cassette and chainrings, which is another expensive exercise. It's recommended you don't wait for a minor issue to balloon into a major one.

Lastly, how powerful your e-bike will be will depend on your ongoing maintenance and how careful you are with your bike. Every renowned manufacturer offers the best e-bikes, so you just need to extend the life of your e-bike through proper maintenance. Such as Perraro Electric Bike, we aim to provide you with excellent and sturdier e-bikes that offer an efficient and fun way to get around. These primers will help you sort through your options for errands, commuting, trail riding and more. Perraro has many different models, and options to choose from. Check out our website and our FAQ, and whatever else you do, just have fun!


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