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Enjoy Tax-Free Shopping in Most States! Learn more

Enjoy Tax-Free Shopping in Most States! Learn more

Your Perraro Electric Bike or Trike Won't Turn On

If you're having trouble getting your electric bike or trike to turn on, let's go through a few key steps to ensure everything is set up correctly.

  1. Charge the Battery: Start by fully charging your battery. You'll know it's fully charged when the light on the charger turns green. This could take a few hours.

  2. Unpack and Setup: Each model is carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping and preserve the electrical system. Depending on your specific model, there might be certain key positions required to turn on the eBike or electric trike, or some electrical cables might need to be connected. We highly recommend watching our First Ride video tutorials for your specific model to ensure you've completed all necessary setup steps.

  3. Inspect Electrical Cables: If your eBike or trike still isn’t powering on after following the video tutorials, take a look at the electrical cables. Start from the handlebars and trace each cable, checking for the quick-plug connectors. These connectors, found throughout the eBike or trike, should be pulled apart (without twisting), inspected for any damage, and then reconnected, making sure to align the arrows on the sides for a proper fit.

If you continue experiencing issues with your Perraro electric bike or trike, we encourage you to contact our support team for assistance at support@perraroelectricbike.com or call us at (949) 414-8003.

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